27-06-2023 |
Kiến thức 2
27-06-2023 |
Kiến thức 2

In today’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, Seer Interactive’s Larry Waddell discusses how you can translate the SEO work you do for your clients into how executives think of value — specifically, business value.

How to explain the value of SEO to executives

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Hello, Moz community, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. I’m Larry Waddell, EVP of Business Strategy for Seer Interactive, and today I want to talk to you about how to translate the great work you do for your clients into how they think of value, specifically business value.

So let’s jump right in. Now to do it, I’m going to review two frameworks or two ways of thinking. One is the value pyramid. That’s where we’re going to start. But then we’re going to move from there to the four forms of business value, and I’ll walk you through that.

The value pyramid

The value pyramid where higher up is more strategic lower down is more tactical

So starting with the value pyramid, and this is something I’ve used at Seer for years, and I’ve had the great privilege of leading the Analytics team at one point in time, the SEO team, thank you Wil, and the Paid Media team, thank you, Crystal, and through all of that, I’ve used a very simple construct. As you can see, there’s nothing terribly fancy here, but it’s a way to help our teams understand the work that they do and to understand the work the clients are asking us to do.

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